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With College Football Season, still a few months away, we thought we would help you get you fix, so,  we have once again joined forces with the AWESOME folks at FireFly Vodka to bring you,  FireFly Vodka Thirsty Thursday Trivia. Each week we will post a Trivia question, all you need to do is comment with the correct answer, it's that easy. From all correct comments will will randomly pick a weekly winner*, for a GREAT FireFly Vodka prize. So join us as we countdown to CFB with FireFly Vodka Thirsty Thursday Trivia.

*you must be 21 years of age or older at time of contest in order to win. Contestants may only win 1 time during this contest promotion.

This Week's Question

WEEK 3 July 07

 QUESTION: Who hold the record for most times leading the NFL in tuchdowns socred & 
                           how many times?

Past Weeks Answers and Winners


Congrats to this weeks winner @Inwi, email me you address and you FireFly Vodka Swag is on the way...The correct answer was 4.

WEEK 1 JUNE 24 (Yes I know it's Friday)

QUESTION:  Which future major league manager was the 1969 AL Rookie of the Year?

Congrats to whis week's winner Gary Wade of Atlanta. The answer is Lou Piniella.


  1. 4 times!

  2. 4 times!
    @misajoseyerle on twitter

  3. 4 - Craig (DoctorEsq on twitter)

  4. 208 Jerry Rice (Sportshunk on twitter)

  5. Jerry Rice had 208 in his career. @teardrop4emr on Twitter

  6. Question is a little vaque, but this is how I interpreted it:

    Most seasons leading NFL league touchdowns: 8, Don Hutson, 1935–1938, 1941–1944

    ~@kimpcole (on twitter)

  7. After re-reading the question.. rainesmom is right.

    Most seasons leading in touchdowns scored was Don Hutson.

    Sorry I read the question wrong.