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Written by Buzz Breeden
October 28, 2010

Boston 88-Miami 80

What a way to kick off the opening NBA season. The build up for this game was on par with the NFL opening weekend. Celtics fans were already in playoff form with chants of “over rated” at the end of the game. This game was a message that though it is very early, we will defiantly see these two teams deep in the playoffs.

Boston came out red hot on defense this game holding Miami to only 9 first quarter points. Paul Pierce had a terrific game (19 pts 9 rebs), and looks to be in his best playing shape in years. Ray Allen also contributed 20 pts (5-8 3pts). The Celtics just seem to be playing at that high level veteran team that we suspect them to be, adding Rondo’s 17 assist, the Celtics are “scary good” this year.

Miami came roaring back in the third quarter, outscoring the Celtics 27-18. The Celtics, however, bounced back in the fourth, even though the Heat dropped the lead to 3 with a little over a minute to play Ray Allen hit a patented three pointer to close the door. Lebron had a great opening game (31 pts, 4 rebs); the other two of the big three did not contribute, Wade (13 pts, 4-16fg) and Bosh adding 8 pts and 8 boards (3-11 fg).

The difference in game was fast break opportunity for the Heat. They tied the Celtics with 11 fast break points. For the Heat to be considered a serious threat for the Eastern Conference title they will have to be able to run on a veteran team like the Celtics. Doc Rivers is convinced of the Heat’s talents by adding “They are going to be great.” There is no doubt the Heat will have a great season; the question remains, who is the Alpha dog? Do they have the killer instinct that Pierce, Allen, and Garnett have? Lucky for us, it is going to be a long and exciting season.

Lakers 112 Rockets 110

Talk about a game of two halves. The Rockets dominated the first half, but in the end it was too much Kobe, Gasol, and Shannon Brown.

The Rockets outplayed the Lakers in this game, but went cold for most of the fourth quarter. Shannon Brown channeled his inner Robert Horry, scoring 16 fourth quarter points (4-5 3pts). The rockets shot over 40percent from the field and out- rebounded the Lakers 53-44. Entering the fourth quarter, the Rockets had a five point lead. The Lakers led by Brown took an eight point lead with two minutes remaining. The Rockets then made a small run of their own led by Aaron Brooks (24 pts, 3 reb, and 9 asst) and Luis Scola (18 pts, 16 rebs). For the record, Scola should have scored 25 plus, but missed way too may easy jumpers and layups late in the game.

Steve Blake (10 pts, 3-4 3pt) hit a huge three- pointer with 18 seconds left in the game to make the score 112-110. Brooks would have one more shot, but Lamar Odom blocked the shot under the rim. The Lakers definitely did not look crisp, but the bottom line is they beat a fast Rocket team that shot the ball great. Kobe had a nice game (27 pts, 5 reb, 7 asst.), but you can definitely see he was struggling tonight against Kevin Martin who led the Rockets with 27 pts. Gasol did a nice job filling in for Bynum (29 pts, 11 reb). The Lakers definitely looks like a team ready for a three-peat.

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  1. I thought the Rockets looked pretty good against the Lakers. If Yao can stay healthy, it could be a good year. Aaron Brooks is only getting better.