House Divided...Except on Florida...

Written by Chad Potier
March 30, 2010

Most Tiger's fans are salivating over this weekend's baseball series with SEC foe UGA. With LSU off to a 20-3 (5-1 SEC) record, and UGA stumbling at 9-15 (1-5 SEC), it looks, at least on paper, to be a big series for the Tigers. For most fans at least, sans one, me. On June 26, I am marrying, Renee Ledford, as big a Dawgs fan, as I am an LSU fan, and you know folks; that's big time.

The two universities are quite similar. Here are just a few of the parallels between the two schools...

Founded - LSU: 1853 UGA: 1785

Football Since - LSU: 1893 UGA: 1892

Baseball Since - LSU: 1893 UGA: 1886

SEC Football titles - LSU: 10 UGA: 12

National Football Titles - LSU: 3 (or7)* UGA: 1

National Baseball Titles - LSU: 6 UGA: 1

Football Capacity - LSU: 92,400 (6th Nat) UGA - 92,746 (5th Nat)

*LSU officially claims three national championships (1958, 2003 & 2007); however, the school has been recognized as national champions by polling organizations on four additional occasions: 1908, 1935, 1936 and 1962.

So it's easy to see why, with the deep histories of both LSU and UGA, why our feathers often get ruffled. Contest between the two schools are always competitive and; Renee and I, talk smack about all of them, including gymnastics and golf.

None more than in football, anyone remember Oct 3, 2009?

We do!

The passion we both have for our schools and their teams provides fun and healthy competition in our house, but there is one thing we always agree on...WE HATE FLORIDA!!!


  1. Good luck... When Georgia and Alabama play (only twice since we've been married) my house is NOT GOOD... we've managed to last, but on game day it HAS NOT been easy. Luckily I am true to the SEC through and through and on every other game I can pull for Alabama and just say I am an SEC fan.

  2. It's not bad for us...LSU and UGA are closely matchd in just about everything so it is always a good game. I also find it easy to support SEC teams in the Post Season or Bowl Games...But in season, it's on...

  3. Good job, baby!! We are gonna make it! ;)

  4. More power to you guys! If the house is divided, do you guys try to convert your significant others to your team to remedy this? I mean, I think purple and gold would like nice on Renee. :)

  5. She does look good in the Purple and Gold...We try to be supportive, except when it's head to head...