Berkman Is Back, But Is It Enough?

Written By Chad Potier
April 21, 2010

Write it down, Tuesday April 20, 2010.
This will forever be know as the day Lance Berkman made his triumphant debut for the Houston Astros' 2010 season after being out 5 1/2 weeks due to surgery on his left knee. Going 1-4 with 2 RBI, Big Puma, with help from a Kaz Matsui squeeze bunt and Jason Michaels' HR, lifted the 'Stros to a 7-5 come-from-behind win over Florida. After starting the season 0-8, the 'Stros have won four of their last five and now sit at 4-9. “I'm glad to get back, and I'm glad to help out where I can, but I don't expect to get back here and hit 40 home runs in the first three months of the season,” Berkman said. Having only hit 40 HR's twice in 12 seasons, neither do we, Lance.

However you have added a spark to an otherwise lifeless team. But will it be enough? Michael Felder from says "Nice to get a win but I refuse to hope we're mediocre. Too disappointing." That fans, is the way we all seem to feel, unfortunately. Berkman's return was a big lift for the team, but look at his numbers from last year: 25 HR's, 80 RBI. That's a far cry from 2006 where he had 45 HR's and 136 RBI. What I fear is that, in his 12th season for the 'Stros, at 34 years old, his best years may be behind him. Let's hope not. Rather, let's hope it was an injury that was to blame, one that has finally been corrected, and that we will see his production return.

Hope seems to be a resonating theme for 'Stros fans - along with "wait till next year." And we do. We hope. And we wait, season after season. It's still only 13 games into the season and historically, they usually make a big push after the All-Star break. So, until then, welcome back Lance, we've missed you. We'll be waiting.

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  1. Good article...really gets across both the hope and frustration you feel as an Astros fan!