FireFly Drink Of The Week

For your weekend adult beverage enjoyment, I will post an new FireFly drink every Friday. Please drink responsibly, and ALWAYS designate a driver...

The Coach's Pick
*Sent in this week by Coach Bobby Champage Head Basketball Coach at UNA*
Firefly Honey Lemon Tea - Hot Drink It's cold outside
1 part FF Sweet Tea Bourbon
1Tablspoon Honey
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Mix in warm coffee mug

The QB Sneak
3 oz FireFly Raspberry Tea Vodka
7 oz Club Soda
Pour over Ice and Enjoy

The 2 Point Conversion
1 oz FireFly Sweet Tea Bourbon
1 oz FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka
8 oz Crystal Light Lemonade
Shake, Pour over Ice, and ENJOY

The Alabama Slammer
1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur
1/2 oz FireFly Peach Sweet Tea Vodka
1/2 oz sloe gin
1 splash orange juice
1 splash sweet and sour mix
Shake, Pour, Shot, and Enjoy

Bloody Hail Mary
2 oz FireFly Lemon Vodka
8 oz of Tomato Juice
2 Dashes of Tabasco
2 Dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
2 Shakes of Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning
Pour into a shaker with ice
Pour into a highball glass with ice and ENJOY

Fighting Irish Coffee
1 oz Irish Cream
2 oz FireFly Mint Tea Vodka
8 oz French Roast Coffee
Put In You Favorite Coffee Mug and ENJOY

Game Day Tea
2 oz FireFly Sweet Tea Burbon
2 oz FireFly Sweet Te Vodka
2 qrt Sweet Tea
Pour over Ice and Enjoy!

Death Valley Mints
1 oz FireFly Mint Vodka (from freezer)
1 oz Jager (from freezer)
Pour into shot glass

The Fly-Route
2 oz FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka
8 ox Spring Water
Lemon Twist
Pour into A Highball glass, Stir, Enjoy

The Georgia Bulldog
2 oz FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka
2 oz coffee liqueur
8 oz milk
1 splash Zero Calorie Cola
Put in a shaker mix and pour over ice

The Les Miles
*it should be noted this drink will have you talking just like Les Miles during a Press Conference*

6 oz of FireFly Sweet Tea Bourbon
3-4 cubes of Ice
Pour in to a Highball glass and Enjoy

Sex On The GridIron

2 oz of Fire Fly Peach Tea Vodka
4 oz Orange Juice
4 oz Cranberry Juice
Pour in a Shaker filled with Ice
Shake, Pour, Enjoy

The Tailgater

2-3 oz of Fire Fly Sweet Tea Bourbon
12 oz Zero Calorie Cola
Pour in Glass over Ice Stir ENJOY!!

The Spiked Palmer (aka The Fuzzy Zoeller)
1-2 oz of FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka
8 oz of Crystal Light Lemonade
Put in a shaker
Shake well
Pour over ice and enjoy

*thanks to FireFlySweet Tea Vodka for their support*

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