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by Buzz Breeden

SEC West Preview

Let me start by saying the only place they should air West games should be in prisons or detentions centers. These games will be torture for most fans of the game. Sure all the teams are currently over .500, but that will not last long. None of these teams are currently worthy of making the tournament. Let’s take a look at how their resumes look at this point.

1. Ole Miss 11-3 (RPI 69). Key players: Chris Warren (18/2), Zach Graham (14/4). Key win: Penn State. The top spot is between Ole Miss and Arkansas. Ole Miss is currently the only team ranked in the top 100 RPI. They’re good but not great, which in this league should get you a lot of wins.

2. Arkansas 10-2 (RPI 146). Key players: Delvin Johnson (10/8), Rotnei Clarke (14/3/2). Key win: Oklahoma. Sure, eight of their 10 wins have been by 10+ points, but with losses to Texas A&M and UAB, it’s hard to take this team too seriously. Arkansas does have the most talented team in the west, but can they find ways to win against good competition?

3. Mississippi State 8-6 (RPI 239). Key players: Ravern Johnson (20/3), Kodi Augustus (13/8/2). No key wins, lost to East Tennessee State. This spot is where the teams begin to stink, there is talent on these teams; they just haven’t seemed to turn the talent into wins.

4. Alabama 8-6 (RPI 214). Key players: JaMychal Green (15/7), Tony Mitchell (14/8) both shooting over 50% from the field. No key game, big loss to St. Peters Peacock. Hey they have won 3 of their last 4, who knows.

5. LSU 8-7 (RPI 222). Key players: Andre Stringer (14/2/2), Malcolm White (8/5/1 block per game). No key win, bad loss to North Texas and Nicholls State. Bottom line: This team does not have a point guard and they will struggle on the low blocks – not good.

6. Auburn 7-7 (RPI 336). Key player: Ernest Ross (12/7/2). Key win: FSU. They have a quality win. Maybe Cam Newton can come over after the Oregon game.

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