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Written by Buzz Breeden
Is it time to give San Antonio proper respect as the team to beat in the league?
The Spurs are boring, play in a small market, and don’t have an elite player or any controversy. The Spurs are the equivalent of a 1950’s television show, all fluff. Well that all might be true, but this is an elite basketball team that should be at the top of everyone’s top five. We all want to see the Lakers-Celtics finals or maybe Miami in there because we like controversy because if LA and Boston makes it, most of us have a vested  interest in one of those teams; if Miami makes me we can all root against them right? See, this is a question on the Spurs and already I’m off topic.
San Antonio has the best record in the league (46-9); they have defeated all the elite level teams at least once and play in the toughest division in the league. Look at that record again and then compare them to the best regular season teams through that mark. You should see that they rank with the greatest of all time. Sure Tim Duncan is in the decline of his career and the only thing the casual fan knows about the rest of the players is Tony Parker is going through a divorce with Eva Longoria. With that being said they have a solid, if not great, nine man rotations. Ginobili, Parker and Jefferson are playing great on the outside with all three shooting at least 45 percent from the field. Duncan is still the lead man inside, but he is getting help from DeJuan Blair who is starting to blossom into a dominate inside player. Blair’s improved play has allowed the Spurs to have a four man inside rotation (Duncan, Blair, Bonner and McDyess) that I don’t know if even the Lakers or Boston can handle. You need to get to know this team. I have a feeling they will be around in June.
Was Big Baby’s missed dunk Sunday the worst ever?
To be short, yes. In case you have been too busy following Charlie Sheen’s crazy life and not keeping up with sports, let me fill you in. Sunday, Big Baby’s Celtics were playing the Heat on national TV. Baby steals a pass and is racing down the court all by himself. As he approaches the paint it is clear that he is wore out. With thousands in attendance and millions watching, Baby decides to try to flush it down. However, he is rejected by the front of the rim. I know what this feels like. I used to do the same thing when I tried to move my goal from 8.5 feet to nine, but never would I have tried this in front of that many people. In short, when in doubt to dunk or layup, always lay up people.

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