NBA Weekly Report

Can the Clippers make the playoffs?

Winner of their last nine home games, the Los Angles “Blakers” do have a chance to sneak into the eight seed. There are significant signs of improvement on this team. The first two months of the Season the Blakers only won four games. Last month their record was 9-5. Eric Gordon leads the team in scoring (24 points per game) but Blake Griffin is the heart of this team (22 points, 12 boards per game). Currently Los Angles is six games out of eighth place, but they are playing more like a team and you can see Blake becoming the team’s leader. Playing in the easiest division in the West they will have a shot.

Is Cleveland the worst NBA team of all time?

Losers of 31 of past 32 games currently lost 21 in a row. 21 of the 31 losses have been by double digits. The worst loss came in January, losing to the Lakers 112-57, but is this the worst team in NBA history? A current record of 8-40 would put them with the eighth-worst record in league history through 48 (Dallas maverick No. 1 at 4-44). When thinking of the worst teams, I think of the worst franchise: pre-Cuban Mavericks, Vancouver/Memphis Grizzles, Clippers and Timberwolves. But what I think puts Cleveland over the top is all the news that surrounded this team last summer. We knew these other teams would be bad and the franchise did not sway that, but when LeBron left and owner Dan Gilbert sent out the letter saying they would win a title before he does looked silly then and now looks insane.
I think that alone has to put this team over the top as the worst ever. Add to that they are only a few games from losing the most games in league history. Yes, it is going to be a long winter in Cleveland.

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