Dress Rehearsal or Rough Draft?

Written by Chad Potier
March 25, 2010

LSU will have its National L Club Spring Game, on Saturday. Here are the things I am looking at...

OFFENSE: We all have to admit last season was not that productive. Final rankings had the Tigers ranked 102nd in D1. From the limited use of #1 recruit Russell Shepard, the poor clock management of Coach Miles, and ineffectiveness of Jordan Jefferson, improvement is a MUST.

I am looking for the receivers to have BIG impact this season, and it seems so does Coach Miles, "You look at our receiving corps, and Terrence Toliver is obviously the veteran there, but Chris Tolliver, Rueben Randle and Russell Shepard are all really coming," Miles said. "...they improved, made some big plays, ran great routes and again, took a step toward maturing and being a good receiving crew. Russell Shepard is going to be a heck of a player."

The tandem of redshirt freshman Michael Ford and junior Stevan Ridley hoping to pick up the
running game where Charles Scott and Keiland Williams left off. Next, I'll look at the QB position
as I feel this is the most important phase of the Offense to keep an eye on.

Now for the QB question, Jarrett Lee, or Jordan Jefferson? It is safe to say neither will be Heisman candidates, (unless Lee, plays like he does for @TheRealPSJ, on PS3), but the 2 Juniors look to be MUCH improved. "I think Jarrett Lee has had a really good spring, and I think how he runs the team and how he handles the mechanics at quarterback are much better , " Miles said. "I think Jordan understands the reads much more. He's throwing the ball better." We can only hope.

DEFENSE: John Chavis, hopes to take last season's #7 ranked D, to new heights in his 2nd season as Defensive Coordinator. With improved speed and inside power this will be fun to watch.

The bright spots on Defense, appear to be CB Patrick Peterson, LB Kelvin Sheppard, DE Sam Montgomery, and DT Michael Brockers. "... the defense overall appears to me to be a little bit more advanced than the offense at this time." said Miles.

Any improvement from last season will be a plus, and will help overcome some of the issues that may come form a lack of scoring form the Offense.

So, on Saturday go out and enjoy the game, (get your free ticket here) or tune in at 4pm EST to ESPN2 or ESPN360, and see what the Tigers are bringing to the table for September 4th opener with UNC, in Atlanta...I know I will...GEAUX TIGERS!!!



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