Talk'n Trash at UGA...really TRASH...

Written by Chad Potier

March 18, 2010

On the heels of last season's overflow of trash on the UGA campus after home football games, the University announced today new Rules and Regulations for game days. According to the New plan,, the University says they are Enhancing the game day experience and Preserving the beauty of the University of Georgia campus, if by that they mean restricting fan access to the North Campus and making parking even harder, they are CORRECT. Morning drive today was filled with fans not to thrilled about the new policies, and rumors of more restrictions to come, including a ban on tents on ANY UGA owned property.

But is this a NEW idea? Not really. Last season Auburn made similar changes and even started a PAID tailgating zone. Fans were offered 2 packages $1,775 for the full season or $4275 for the full season, (per game price changed according on the opponent) and included everything you needed, just add alcohol. That's a nice bit of change Auburn will make every season, with more spaces added each year.

Is it such a bad idea for any University to consider? I mean think about it, you get to your tailgate spot and it's all set up for you, tables, chairs, coolers w/ ice, all under a tent with tear down service. All you do is show up with the PBR and you favorite Journey CD and your good to go. After the game, go home, no fuss no muss. Count me in.


  1. cool idea! but personally i wouldnt pay 2 OR 4 grand to have someone set up/tear down my tailgate for me.

  2. They still have plenty of FREE space, but it's cool to know you are in the same spot every game, and I am a BIG fan of set up/tear down...

  3. I think the problem here lies in the fact that the people who did the damage to the area in terms of empties, paper products etc aren't the same people who can afford to shell out $2k in addition to their season tickets.

    We'll see how it works out, I know UGA folks are pissed about North Campus and what really is going on isn't just the "clean up costs" but its an image idea too and the underage drinking that comes with it.