Do We Need More Wacky Rules In The MLB All Star Game?

Lost in the shuffle of all of the emails that were sent to me last week from MLB about All Star voting and MLBtv, was the one about the changes to the rules of the All Star Game (ASG) itself. In an effort to make the event more watchable, 4 new rule have been introduced:

1. The DH rule will be used EVERY year.
Let's face it, the DH is used in every level of baseball and should probably just be used in MLB all of the time anyway. No one expects a pitcher to be making a run at any records involving hitting anyway. I know people are very passionate about both sides of the DH debate, and I admit for a long time I was opposed to it, but seeing the futility of pitchers at the plate has moved me to this side of the fence.
I like this rule.

2. Pitchers who pitch on the Sunday before the ASG Can Not participate.
This was done to take the pressure off of managers. Nothing like putting the "arm" of the franchise in the hands of your competition.
I like this rule, also.

3. Roster expanded to 34.
It is already rare to see starters play past the 6th inning - last year's ASG had only 3. Fans vote for the players they want to see PLAY, and we are going to get a lot less of that now.
I don't like this rule.

4. Each Manager can designate one position player re-entry into the game if necessitated by injury.
A rule already allows a catcher to re-enter the game if the team's other catcher is injured. I am not sure how I feel about this one so I am going to hold my judgment and take a "wait and see" attitude about it.
I'm 50/50 on this rule.

So it seems like MLB is trying to add a bit more flaver to what has become a watered down version of what used to be a fun and entertaing game. For me, this year will be like years past; I'll be watching and thinking "boy, that Home Run Derby last night sure was good."

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