So Games in April are Not as Important as September...Says Who?

Written by Chad Potier
May 1, 2010

So we have now finished April, and I keep hearing people say "It's only the beginning of the season; it's not like it's August or September." Really? Every game lost in April and May is a MUST win for August and September. It's that simple. How many time do we get to the end of the season and hear,"well team x" has to win 15 of the next 20 to make the playoffs"? Every year, and from the same people who said April and May are not as important as September.

Let's look at the 2 teams from last season, in each league who finished just out of the playoffs. In the AL we have, Texas and Detroit. From the NL we have San Francisco and Florida.

Records at the End of May, 2009
TEXAS - 30-20

DETROIT - 28-21


FLORIDA - 23-28

Any of these four teams, if they would have won 10 more games in April and May, would have made the playoffs. Factor in a few wins against teams that did make the playoffs and you could cut that number in half.

My point is simple; ALL 162 games count as either a win or as a loss. So be it in April or September, the teams with the most wins go to the post season. So, win in April, then thank me in September.

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