Crawfish-Man Saves The Gulf

For those of you who are not from the Great State of Louisiana, Crawfish man is the Original Louisiana Super Hero, I grew up on his stories and this one Tops them all...Enjoy this REPOST  written By Louisiana Crawfish-Man

Tales From The Atchafalaya Series…since 1977
Written By Louisiana Crawfish-Man
Copyright April 2009, June 2010 by Louisiana Crawfish-Man & Little Cajun Books

Chapter 9
Crawfish-Man Saves The Gulf
One day, weeks after the BP oil disaster began, Benjamin Bonin could not stand it any longer! He could not stand to watch the sick and dying animals shown on TV and could not bear to hear any more stories of the Gulf Coast states suffering and the predicted economic doom all were to suffer for years to come.  
Benjamin could see that Obama was enjoying the limelight and so were many other politicians.But no one was doing much of anything. The oil still gushed thousands of barrels a day. The oil slicks still creeped ashore.  
Even the media were enjoying this goldrush! Anderson Cooper and CNN were having a field day! Lots of money to be made by lots of people as long as the problem was allowed to continue.
  But Benjamin kept hearing immortal words ringing in his head: "that's all I can stand 'cause I can't stand no more!" Instead of doing nothing, he knew that only one person in Louisiana was capable of stopping this disaster because of who he was and his history of getting jobs done quickly.  
In a flash, Benjamin crept out of his Baton Rouge office, careful to not be seen, and sped over to a centuries old oak tree weighted down with lush Spanish moss, grabbed a handful, and said the words:               
"Spanish Moss In My Hand                 
Turn Me Into Crawfish-Man"  THE POWERS OF CRAWFISH-MAN
From the moss pile he is born,
with powerful legs the let him leap over trees.
An upper body of bullet-proof crawfish shell,
and a cape of moss used to tangle enemies.

Antenna-like feelers hear things ten miles away,
which no other superhero can do.
Crawfish tail propels him underwater,
giant claws cut trees in two.
Instantly, the moss in his hands began to grow and grow until a huge pile completely covered his body! Seconds later, he stepped out of the pile of moss and looked down to see that his hands were now huge crawfish claws!  His chest felt like a steel crawfish-shell. A large crawfish tail was also attached to his backside and a thick cape of moss was hanging from his shoulders.  
Our Louisiana Superhereaux leapt up into the air and began swinging on vines, and powerlines and sides of buildings working his way to a far away prison where his target resided.
As he approached the heavily guarded prison gates, he quickly flew over the wall and into the prison yard only to face guards pointing weapons at him ready to fire! As the warden came out, the Crusading Crustacean told the warden why he was there and that he needed to speak to the one inmate who could stop the crisis in the gulf. Gov. Edwin Edwards. 
Crawfish-Man was allowed to see the Gov. who happened to be sitting on a bench, reading 'his' book, under a shade tree. The wise old governor kept reading as he listened to C-Man tell him about what was happening to our wildlife, fisheries and coastlines in the gulf states and how no one was doing much about anything because of all the red tape.  
Wise old Edwards, looked up at him, then repeated his most famous words," 'If you sit near the water's edge long enough, you will see the body of your enemy floating by'. Same thing with this disaster. If everyone keeps sitting long enough, doing nothing, the oil will keep floating by. "  
"But what can we do?" asked Crawfish-Man. "Who can stop the oil from gushing? Who can clean up the dirty gulf?"  
And without batting an eye, with a second's hesitation, wise old Edwards looked him in the eye and said only three words; but three powerful words: "We The People."  
" Americans can fix this if they unite. Get the word out that 'we the people' made our country what it is and 'we the people' will police our own waters and fix our own problems.  Did you know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? Did you know that if you dropped million bricks over the gushing oil it would stop? But it also would begin with a single brick. Get every boat owner in America to load their boats and head out to the oil well site and unload their cargo of bricks, concrete, sand bags,etc. Damn the gov't ,the coast guard or BP if they try to stop 'we the people' because they won't have enough bullets to stop everyone!"  
Edwards nonchalantly, turned a page on his book, and continues, " And the oil clean up? Same thing. We the People. Have all my farmer friends around the country pile up their tractor carts with bales of hay and get them down to the gulf. Have our same American boat owners go out and distribute the hay all across the oily waters, and when the 'oiled hay' comes floating by to shore, we the people will be there to scoop it up, put it in piles, and burn it to hell!"  
Crawfish-Man knew these were brilliant ideas coming from such a wise person. He now knew what to do and how to do it.  
Within a few days after Crawfish-Man left the prison word had spread like wildfire over the Internet. Thousands and thousands of boats began streaming southward from all parts of the country, loaded with concrete, bricks and sand bags. The very first few of them were told not to enter the gulf waters by the gov't but as the endless lines of American poured in from every state in the country, they officials simply backed off and let 'we the people' take over.
  The very first boat stopped over the gushing oil well as Crawfish-Man helped them throw their load into the deep water as the BP official laughed in their faces. Then the second boat came...then three days later, Crawfish-Man was still there, as the ten thousandth boat unloaded as the BP video pictures showed a half mile mountain of stone underwater  and barely a drip of oil gushing out. By day four, BP was not laughing and Obama did not have any more asses to kick.  
'We the people' had stopped the oil leak!   Simultaneously, as the leak was being stopped, thousands of farmers donated thousands of bales of hay and thousands more kind hearted Americans carried them to the southern shores of America where thousands of American boat owners were waiting to distribute them over the oily waters in the gulf. After the massive amount of oily hay floated ashore, 'We The People" scooped it up in piles and burned it away.  
In time, the Gulf was back to normal. The Government did not spend a penny...  because "We the people" Rock! 
So continues another day in the life of Louisiana Crawfish-Man, who is always in a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the Cajun Way. 

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