A Wedding Story...Part 1

July11, 2010
written by Chad Potier

It has been a fun and eventful few weeks for my family and I. Trip to Tybee Island, Georgia for the wedding; Amelia Island, FL for the honeymoon; and back to Atlanta for our reception. There was fun and adventure along the way, so I will try my best to recap it all for you. The events commenced on Tuesday, June 22, when my son Steven arrived here in Atlanta from Denver. Steven was my best man at the wedding, and it did not take long for the fun to begin once he arrived. With our road trip starting on Thursday, we had little time to get him outfitted for summertime in the south. Shorts, t-shirts, and a few other essentials were first on the agenda.
On Thursday, July 24, we left early and headed to Tybee Island GA. Renee's parents, Sandra and Jackie (aka Momler and Dadler), were a few hours behind with Sampson, Luckie, and Snowball, their 3 dogs, in tow. It was not long after we arrived that we hit the beach, and not long before I discovered that my little boy was fast becoming a young man, and I couldn't have been prouder.
It was Friday when Renee's brother and sister-in-law arrived, and my family - Mom, Norry, Scott, my sister Megan, my brother-in-law John, Nic, and Haley - was right behind them. The BIG event of the day was our family dinner at Uncle Bubba's Restaurant in Savannah, GA. Renee's Uncle Bub, Aunt Lynn, and 2 cousins, Alex and Lindsey, and Dadler's brother Calvin and his wife Carolyn, met us on Tybee as well.
Not to be outdone by the dinner, Steven took center stage: while out in the ocean he stepped on a shell, cut his foot and had to get 7 stitches.
This was the end of his beach fun, so we thought). The dinner went off without a hitch, and it was nice to see our 2 families quickly becoming 1.
*Special thanks to Uncle Bubba's for such GREAT service.

The BIG day arrived on Saturday. While the girls went to get their hair and make up done, the guys headed out to lunch and to catch the US World Cup match. With the ceremony set for sunset on the beach, time was closing in on us, so Steven, Scott and I headed over to The DeSoto Bed and Breakfast to get ready and to take Renee's and my things so we could leave from there Sunday morning.

The Big moment had arrived. We headed to the beach to get some photos taken before the ceremony. I was breathless when I saw how BEAUTIFUL Renee looked in her dress. Our wedding planner, Bonnie, from First City Events, made sure everything was PERFECT. So with everyone there we exchanged our vows. Now a married couple we headed to Sting Ray's for a celebration dinner with all of the family in tow. Live music, cold beer, wedding cake and seafood were on the menu and fun was had by all. Afterward, Renee and I headed back to the DeSoto B&B to get some sleep before we headed out to Amelia Island, Florida, Sunday morning to start our honeymoon.

*Parts 2 and 3 will be posted this week

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