CFB Pre-Season Picks From Our Guests

Here are the CFB Pre-Season Picks From Our podcast guests...Thank you all for coming on the show...

Guest                         SEC Championship Game                   BCS Championship Game

Barrett Sallee                         Alabama vs Florida                                                 Ohio State vs Boise State

Justin Davis                                                                                                                                Iowa vs Nebraska

John Kincade                                                                                                                          Ohio State vs Alabama

Adam Kramer                                                                                                                       Oklahoma vs Ohio State

Joel Barker                             Alabama vs Florida                                                Alabama vs Nebraska

Michael Felder                     Georgia vs Alabama                                                Iowa vs Oklahoma

The Real PSJ                         Alabama vs Florida                                                 Ohio State vs Oklahoma

Caery Montz                        Alabama vs Florida                                                  Ohio State vs Oklahoma

Chuck Oliver                       Alabama vs Florida                                                  Ohio State vs Florida

Mark Ennis                          Alabama vs Florida                                                  Ohio State vs Oklahoma

Chad Potier                        Alabama vs Florida                                                   Ohio State vs Alabama

SECFootballGal                  Georgia vs Alabama                                                 Nebraska vs Alabama

There you it, the Pre-Season pick from the podcast guests from our 20 episodes. Check back at the end of the season to see how they did...It's College Football Season folks so get ready, HERE WE GEAUX!!!

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