My Scholarship Mini-Essay

Here is the mini-essay I am submitting for to the scholarship committee for broadcasting school:

Since my childhood years I've always maintained an inherent love for sport; not only the physical aspect of performance - but in the social and communal bonds created as well. In our modern society, with texting, email and instant messaging these person to person connections grow lesser each day. Neighbors, co-workers and the like all live out their lives without true interpersonal interaction; thanks to the reliance on television, radio and the internet. Ironically, these very mediums can also be used to draw people together and give them a sense of purpose, community and well being. In that same vein sports remains one of the few things that brings people together regardless of skin color, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. That's why I have decided to push for my goal of becoming a broadcaster; not only do I wish to change my own life by drinking in the rivers of information that cascade around us; but I want to change the lives of others by both entertaining and informing the masses.

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