And A Kicker Shall Lead Them

Written By Chad Potier

Another week and another win by the often inept LSU Tigers. After Saturday night's game vs Mississippi State, a few things are clear to me: the D looks GOOD, Peterson and Claiborne are solid CB's, Ridley is running well, Crowton needs to stop trying the option and Jasper may be the Savior.

The LSU D had a excellent game, including 5 int's from CB's Patrick Peterson and Morris Claibourne and defensive tackle Drake Nevis. Allowing only 1 score for Miss St, the D seems to be playing as a solid unit, and that a good thing because we are going to need to depend on them in the weeks to come.

Jordan Jefferson went 10-of-16 for only 97 yards and rushed 10 times for 40 yards with a 16-yard touchdown. Stevan Ridley had 78 yards on 19 carries and a touchdown. Alfred Blue had five carries for 36 yards; after giving "My Boy Blue" a pass last week, this week I'm calling him out for his fumble late in the 4th qtr that halted a drive led by QB J Lee - I know it was garbage time, but Lee needs a chance to show he can run this offense. Terrance Toliver had three catches for 35 yards, and a HUGE hit on a Miss St cheerleader. Michael Ford, my favorite running back, continues to be absent from the lineup, despite Coach Miles, claiming on this weeks' Les Miles' Show, that he is not in the "dog house" and will get his carries.  Again, this week, we saw the option play run poorly and with no affect. I beg you Coach Crowton take this play out of the playbook, PLEASE.

Jasper had  5 FG's, hitting from 44, 32, 51, 37 and 21 yards, and breaking his own school record. As you may recall from my post about the Spring Game, Jasper is, without a doubt, the highlight right now of this offense. On a team with Russell Sheppard and Terrence Toliver, that's saying a lot.

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