Hoops by Buzz Week 3

Written by Buzz Breeden
November 17, 2010

Records are made to be Broken...

Final score Nicholls 62 LSU 53

There wasn’t a ton of hype for the LSU men’s Basketball team coming into this year, and Tuesday night proved why…they lost to Nicholls State. First time LSU lost to an in-state school at home since 1988, 82 game winning streak. The only thing I remembered about Nicholls before last night was that I knew a Business graduate from the school, who misspelled Business on his resume…
LSU only shot 37% from the field, once again had over twenty turnovers, poor play and poor shooting not a good combination. I know the season is young as is this team, however, this is a devastating blow. Think about all the bad teams in the last twenty-two years at LSU. They never lost to an in-state school. The game went back and forth for the first half, but with 13:50 left to play Nicholls took the lead and held on to beat the Tigers. Derenbecker led LSU with 14 pts and Storm Warren had 14 rebs. All the good that came from the Northwestern game was just flushed down the toilet. To be fair, Nicholls is the favorite to win their conference this year, and their top scorer Anatoyle Bose is a SEC caliber player.
Next up for the Tigers this week is UT-Martin (Thursday) Memphis (Sunday), and Centenary Gents (Wendesday) I love that nickname. Hopefully the Tigers can rebound from this last loss and go 2-1 or 3-0. To do this LSU needs more consistency from their offense; this might be a problem with the youth movement going on.


1. Hornets (8-1): The loss to Dallas stings, but this team is rebounding and playing great defense to go along with the stellar play from CP#3

2. Lakers (9-2): Sure they give up a ton of points (103 ppg), but they score the most in the league, I moved them down due to back to back loses to Denver and Phoenix.

3. Celtics (9-2): Celts are playing great defense and move the ball around better than anyone; with the way their schedule sets up in the next weeks, the Celts can only move up.

4. Spurs (8-1): Interesting to see how the Tony Parker situation plays out, however, this is the most balance team statistically going right now. Tough schedule to close the month.

5. Bulls (6-3): New comers of the week, top five offense and defense. Rose is having a massive year (yes, he's on my fantasy team) tough stretch though Spurs, Mavericks, and Lakers next on the schedule will test how good this team is.

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