Basketball by Buzz

Written By: Buzz Breeden

The beginning of the Thanksgiving week always means one thing to me, the start of great college basketball game. I know it is still football season but the Maui Invitations and the O’Reilly’s CBE classic had games that easily top the MAC or WAC mid- week game right? One thing that college basketball kills football in is the early season out of conference games with these tournaments.

Following these tournaments will be the preseason NIT which will not feature the top teams seen this week, but will have some compelling games that will define teams success before we enter conference play. With that being said, here is my top 4(reason I go a top four is for the top tournament seeds)
1) Duke- this is easy, did you see what happened when they played Kansas St…in Kansas City. The freshmen Irving dominated Kansas St. All-American Pullan. Duke manhandles the intimidating and athletic Kansas St and easily earned the top spot.
2) PITT- Typical Jamie Dixon Pitt team, strong defense and great rebounding (4th in the country). Nice win last Friday against Texas.
3) Kentucky- New names and fresh faces, yet Kentucky looks faster than last year. The talent may not be as hyped as last, but they sure did a number to Washington last night.
4) Washington- Tough loss against Kentucky, but this is easily the best team west of the Mississippi and should roll through the regular season, and oh by the way Isaiah Thomas plays for them…

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