Written by Buzz Breeden
November 1, 2010

The 2010-2011 NBA regular season has me more excited for a regular season than I have been in a long time. There are so many story lines that it reminds me more of Classic WWF than it does an organized sport. There are the champs, the good guys, the heels, and the new comers that you want to watch, let me explain.

You reminder fifteen years ago you had the solid champs, Chicago, who were the alpha dogs of the league. You could say whatever you wanted about your team, however, you did not have the dynamic tag team of MJ and Pippen. Every young boy rooted for them; they were the Hulk Hogan of the generation. You had the good guys-- Rockets with the dream (Brett “Hitman” Hart), Magic with Shaq and Penny (The Undertaker, was the up and comer), the Pacers with Reggie Miller (Jake “The Snake”). You even had heels during this period-- Knicks (Irwin R Schyster), Charlotte (Million Dollar Man), and the Heat (Yokozuna).

Many dreadful years have passed, but I think we are back to those glory days for this season. The heels are obviously the Heat…have you ever hated a team more than this? For me maybe it’s the Yankees or Alabama Football because outside of South Florida it is very hard to find a group of Heat fans. What makes them the true heel is not only that you hate them and wish for their demise (as a team not personally), but you have to watch them every time they are on TV. There is an abundance of good guys- Celtics, Spurs, Trailblazers, Mavericks, and Magic. It is also nice to try to follow the up start teams- Chicago, Oklahoma City, and Atlanta. Finally, there is a clear cut champion -the Lakers. This is key because you need a team like the Lakers to make all of this fit. They are going for yet another three -peat and they look unstoppable this year. Not to mention they have to be pissed with all the attention generated in South Beach since the now infamous “I’m taking my talents….” speech. They just won the title and no one cares; the media only cares about Miami. To be fair I have lost touch with wrestling the last few years. Please, in your mind, add the wrestler to the NBA team you want to follow. Perhaps this is the start of a new fantasy game…your welcome, America.

Also exciting is the influx of rookies into this season. Perhaps not since “03 has there been a more impressive class-- Blake Griffin, John Wall, Derrick Favors, Evan Turner, and DeMarcus Cousins. These players help because this year you want to watch teams like the Clips, Wizards, and Sixers. If nothing else, I encourage you to at least watch Griffin play a few times this year; he is a beast in the low blocks.

A few thoughts from the first week are on two teams that surprised me. The New Orleans Hornets are 3-0. I know it is a long season but wins over the Bucks, Nuggets, and Spurs in one week commands respect. CP3 looks great and the new additions to the team are gelling nicely. Most experts did not have the Hornets in the playoffs. I know it is early but I think they might be able to not only sneak in but be a possible contender like 2008. My disappointing team is the Rockets 0-3, with losses to the Lakers, the Warrior (who scored 132 pts!), and the Spurs. Currently they are dead last in defensive scoring. This seems like a team who is relying on the jump shot too early on. I liked this team in the pre-season and think they can get it together, the just have not had good start.

Next week I will have my top five power rankings. Also this week I will be watching the Milwaukee @ Boston game giving you my thoughts on the teams later this week. You can write me or follow me with you twitter machine @buzz_breeden.

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