Written By Chad Potier
Nov 8, 2010
It's now time, time for what you ask? Time for me to start thinking that Jordan Jefferson is going to be the QB of this team. As you all know I have been the BIGGEST doubter of Jefferson as his play this year. I'm not saying that his preference against Alabama, has completely erased all of my doubt, but he is winning me over, 75 yards at a time.

Jefferson's 75 yard pass to, Randle was, Jefferson's, first scoring pass since the season opener against UNC. Jefferson went 10-of-13 for 141 yards and a TD. Not be be lost in the shuffle was the performances of Stevan Ridley: 88 yards and 1 TD, Terrence Toliver: 3 catches for 42 yards and Deangelo Peterson: 2 catches for 25 yards including a two-toss reverse which went from Ridley to Peterson for 23 yards with an excellent block form Jefferson. Deangelo, also was impressive on 4th-and-1 at the Alabama 26, when the Tigers ran a reverse that, DeAngelo took to the three yard line. (a play that once again shows why Les Miles is "THE MAD HATTER" who enjoys eating grass from the field) *View The Complete Box Score Here

So now at 8-1 overall and 5-1 in the SEC, the Tigers find themselves at #5 in the BCS and needing some help to get back to Atlanta on Dec. 4th. Let's keep our fingers crossed and our cheers going for UGA, and as hard as it my seem, for Alabama as they play Auburn. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

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